Our Vision

J127 Ranch will provide a safe, loving community for orphans in the area of Taraz, Kazakhstan and become for them a place of hope and a place they can call “home.” At the Ranch children will be surrounded by people committed to pouring into broken lives so they can heal and build productive lives.  Children at the Ranch will learn they are uniquely created for a special purpose.  More than simply meeting the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter, the Ranch will address the children’s emotional, medical and educational needs. The goal is to provide children with a solid foundation for life and the training to fulfill the call on their lives. 

The long-term vision is to see this model duplicated elsewhere in Kazakhstan and other parts of the world.

Our Mission Statement

To build a community where all ENGAGE with one another and the children, in ENRICHING ways so all will be EMPOWERED to be who we each were uniquely created to be.

The J127 Ranch will:

  • first and foremost be a safe place for children and adults – safe from abuse and exploitation
  • provide nutritious and healthy food, appropriate clothing and a home
  • be a place for the children to have roots as they venture out into the world when they are ready and able to do so
  • teach basic living skills such as, but not limited to, growing food, raising livestock, cooking, baking, sewing, repair and remodeling, woodworking, etc.
  • identify each child’s gifts, talents and abilities
  • give children and staff opportunities to be artistically creative through art, dance, music, pottery, woodworking, sewing, photography, poetry, story-telling, etc.
  • teach what it means to be honest, responsible, work as a team and experience the joys and rewards of hard work
  • be tri-lingual (Kazakh, Russian and English) to gain language skills necessary to survive in Kazakhstan and become competitive in the job market
  • emphasize development of entrepreneurial skills with assistance in starting small businesses for those who demonstrate ability in this area
  • prepare children become self-sufficient and contributing members of the larger community –to the degree that it is cognitively and physically possible
  • be a safe environment where broken lives can experience healing
  • provide opportunities for those throughout the world to contribute their time, talents and resources to make a difference in the lives of orphans in Kazakhstan