Long-Term Goals - Anticipated Timeline

PHASE 1 – April 2013 – September 2014 
The first phase will be to purchase land and a house to be a safe refuge and home for 6 - 10 children.  This will be the beginning of the “Ranch” where children will be taught to grow vegetables and fruits, raise livestock, cook, clean and develop life-skills.  Children will be given the opportunity to learn the value of hard work and see their own worth as contributing members of the community while gaining the necessary skills to build a life for themselves.  
PHASE 2 – October 2014 – October 2016
The second phase is to expand the Ranch to six houses with a large community building. One house will be designated for unwed mothers so these girls will have the opportunity to learn to parent and provide for her child. Building on the first phase, youth will be taught employment and entrepreneurial skills.  The Ranch will be working to become self-sufficient and products made at the Ranch will be sold to help offset operating expenses.  

PHASE 3 – November 2017 – December 2018
The third phase will be to open a camp where children experience camp life with such activities as soccer, tennis, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, crafts, woodworking, dancing, singing, and learning English.