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Who will help Saulet?

I want to introduce Saulet to you. In this picture he is sitting with his little sister and Mother in their humble home. He is a shy young man and very self conscious of his burns. Saulet dreams of going to university and he loves sports. He endured a great deal of teasing and taunting … Continue reading »

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Peter and Zarina’s Wedding

This is the new thing to do in Kazakhstan – ride around town in a limousine. Several fancy, white cars with friends led the procession while music blared and horns beeped! Peter’s mother greeted the new couple outside the gate of the home where the reception was held. She did a traditional blessing of giving … Continue reading »

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Letters more precious than ….

Children who received letters from their sponsors. Can you see the joy in their faces. Children who are still waiting for letters from their sponsors. Kiikzhan and Sara before handing out letters to the children from their sponsors. Sara, who has been here for almost 6 years, also had a letter for each child explaining … Continue reading »

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A visit to see children of Savva

Friday (14 August) Sara, Ken, Kiikzhan and I headed to a camp where the kids from Savva (Савва) have spent most of their summer. Our main purpose was to celebrate with the children who had birthdays in July and August. I enjoyed being able to see these precious children again. In the picture above are … Continue reading »

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Time in Vanovka

I am back in Taraz after an amazing time in the village of Vanovka. It was two weeks full of many contradictions. I will not say it was all easy and joyful, but even in the hard things there were great lessons learned and a time I will treasure for always. I hope to go … Continue reading »

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