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Through Their Eyes

Make a Smilebox slideshow I love Kristin Andreaseen’s “Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color to Draw My Love.” She produced a great music video with a class of second graders at Conservatory Lab Charter School in Brighton, MA. It’s on YouTube, if you’d like to listen (hopefully the link below works). You can also buy it … Continue reading »

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Safflower – Flores Carthami – Carthamus Tinctorium L.

I have been wondering for weeks what this flower was and the answer came from someone right in the home where I’m living. Talgat frequently goes to the mountains to collect herbs and roots to make tea and such. Today I thought to show him my blog and ask him what the plant in the … Continue reading »

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Someone PLEASE help me identify this flower!

I need someone’s help please. This flower which looks like a thistle but is yellow and orange is grown here in southern Kazakhstan in large fields in rows. Many times there are large fields of lavender next to or near these fields. They seem to let this flower grow and dry before harvesting. I have … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Kazakh Style

Sunday, July 5th, I had the great pleasure and joy of going to the edge of Taraz for a picnic with friends. These friends opened their picnic and hearts to us who are foreigners. In many ways the time was similar to any neighborhood picnic or family BBQ and it felt familiar to me on … Continue reading »

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A trip to Shimkent

It seems like my days – and now my weeks – are bursting at the seams with activities. There are moments when I know I’m not taking everything in that is happening around me because I’m already so full with so much that has happened! I’m not complaining but understand what I share is just … Continue reading »

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