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Different modes of transportation here!

Most mornings I walk several blocks to catch the marshuka (bus). After exiting at my stop, I walk the last several blocks to the Interlink Office. This is a pleasant walk except in the pouring rain. I imagine come winter I’ll think less pleasant. In Richmond, Virginia I never took the bus or a taxi. … Continue reading »

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Beauty to Behold Around Every Curve

Tuesday I went with Beth south to Shimkent, Kazakhstan. Beth told me the drive had some amazing sights and this is the best time of year to see them. I can honestly say, however, I was not prepared for the beauty I saw around every curve. Each sight was more spectacular than the last. I … Continue reading »

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Making connections!

My second week (May 18-22) was jammed pack with activities and I am still on a steep learning curve figuring out how to do the most simple of things. I did manage this week to ride the marshuka (bus) to work all by myself! I was full of nervous anticipation when I boarded the bus … Continue reading »

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My first week in Kazakhstan.

Well, this new chapter of my life has begun. So far each page is full of new experiences, sights, sounds, and only a couple struggles. It is exciting to be on this journey. Unlike in the book, The Hobbit, when they wonder “what tale have we fallen into,” I may not know what is yet … Continue reading »

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Leaving Washington DC and arriving in Kazakhstan

May 6 – at the airport with Lois, Edith, Susan and Chip – and all my luggage. Edith, my mentor, organized the “gang” that took me to the airport. It was an event. Edith, Lois, Susan, Chip and I left Richmond after lunch at Panera’s where I had thought about having pizza or a big … Continue reading »

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Sitting in the London airport thinking over this past week.

As I sit here in London Heathrow Airport, I have a chance to catch my breath and think back over this past week. What an absolutely amazing week it has been. Last Wednesday (April 29) I returned to Richmond, Virginia after an amazing time in Lancaster, PA with my friend Chip. Then I realized just … Continue reading »

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