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Lola, Sam & James

I had the great privilege of doing portraits of three beautiful children. I’ve been given this gift to paint, but for years didn’t use it much. I use to be very critical of this gift and judge it against other “great” artist and not use it as much for I judged it “not good enough”. … Continue reading »

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A visit with the Davis family and more!

The days are flying by and yet my list of things I need to do isn’t getting any shorter. I am trying to keep my focus on the day and enjoying all the blessings given just for that day and not letting anxiety and worry creep in about what I need to get done before … Continue reading »

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A weekend connecting with friends old and new!

Last Monday there was snow covering the ground yet this past weekend the temperature was up in the 70’s. That’s spring time in Virginia. Saturday I had the great joy of having lunch with four women who keep me on track in life. I know they are each a great gift from above to me. … Continue reading »

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A beautiful Snow Day!

From the table on the back deck snow here in Chesterfield County measured 7 1/2 inches. Yesterday afternoon it started snowing here in the Richmond area prompting schools to start canceling classes last night for Monday. This morning we all awoke to the beautiful blanket of white on everything. Many in the Richmond area are … Continue reading »

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