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A Weekend In Texas!

The Ranch House! Dan & Winchester part of the greeting party. All the children of this amazing family This past weekend I had the most amazing time with a precious dear family. I actually got on a plane and flew to Texas having never meet this family except for two of their children who I … Continue reading »

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Another Weekend in North Carolina painting and visiting with friends!

I was back in North Carolina probably for the last time before I leave for Kazakhstan. I did a faux finish in the student center, visited with friends and sat in a class. It was good time all in all. I love to brighten spaces with color. I hope all the students who pass through … Continue reading »

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A visit with Dianne and a trip to Indiana!

Last Thursday I had the chance to visit with both Chip and Dianne and what a delight that was. These two women are so willing to share their wealth of knowledge and wisdom with other women enriching so many lives. Thank you Chip and Dianne. I flew home Thursday out of the Charlotte airport and … Continue reading »

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A walk around Lake Lure and a finished mural!

This week has been a week full of work, studies, and connecting with friends. Chip and I had time Sunday afternoon to walk around Lake Lure and enjoyed being out in nature. Here are a couple feathered friends we enjoyed along the way. In addition to my studies while I was here in North Carolina … Continue reading »

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Red sky at night sailors delight — What a delightful week it has been!

I am enjoying my time in North Carolina re-connecting with friends, painting and learning so much.. It was rainy and overcast the first couple days then the sun came out. The above pictures are the sky one evening as we were driving to have dinner with the Raisch Family. It was absolutely beautiful and thankfully … Continue reading »

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