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My Sweet Sweet Baby Girl is 18 TODAY!!!! What a gift from God she is. Sarah (and Marc) are not of my flesh and blood, but of my heart. They are a true gift from God; coming to me through Adoption. Their birth parents showed unselfish love by giving their children the gift of life. … Continue reading »

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Finding Homes for Beloved Pets!

Most of the time I’m so excited that the beginning of next year I will make the move to Kazakhstan. With Sarah heading off into the Navy, Marc enjoying his own life and knowing the Internet keeps us in contact I have a peace in my heart. The only time a real sadness can well … Continue reading »

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They received my gifts!

When the last delegation of people went over in March I sent a trunk full of goodies for the team and “my” kids. One of the thing I sent was about 20 photo collages I put together of images through the years of each child with their name love Vicki. I have been building relationships … Continue reading »

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One Person CAN Make A Difference

A group of people from the Richmond area arrived back last weekend from visiting Kazakhstan and children they sponsor through Interlink Resources Kid’s Connection . I have loved hearing about their impressions, thoughts, adventures, and amazement’s from their first visit to this majestic country. Seeing the joy first hand that their letters and small … Continue reading »

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